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Sandbox - Vrui application to drive an augmented reality sandbox.
Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Oliver Kreylos
This file is part of the Augmented Reality Sandbox (SARndbox).
The Augmented Reality Sandbox is free software; you can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.
The Augmented Reality Sandbox is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with the Augmented Reality Sandbox; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#include <Threads/TripleBuffer.h>
#include <Geometry/Box.h>
#include <Geometry/Rotation.h>
#include <Geometry/OrthonormalTransformation.h>
#include <Geometry/ProjectiveTransformation.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/GLColorMap.h>
#include <GL/GLMaterial.h>
#include <GL/GLObject.h>
#include <GL/GLGeometryVertex.h>
#include <GLMotif/ToggleButton.h>
#include <GLMotif/TextFieldSlider.h>
#include <Vrui/Tool.h>
#include <Vrui/GenericToolFactory.h>
#include <Vrui/TransparentObject.h>
#include <Vrui/Application.h>
#include <Kinect/FrameBuffer.h>
#include <Kinect/FrameSource.h>
#include "Types.h"
/* Forward declarations: */
namespace Misc {
template <class ParameterParam>
class FunctionCall;
class GLContextData;
namespace GLMotif {
class PopupMenu;
class PopupWindow;
class TextField;
namespace Vrui {
class Lightsource;
namespace Kinect {
class Camera;
class FrameFilter;
class DepthImageRenderer;
class ElevationColorMap;
class DEM;
class SurfaceRenderer;
class WaterTable2;
class HandExtractor;
typedef Misc::FunctionCall<GLContextData&> AddWaterFunction;
class WaterRenderer;
class Sandbox:public Vrui::Application,public GLObject
/* Embedded classes: */
typedef Geometry::Box<Scalar,3> Box; // Type for bounding boxes
typedef Geometry::OrthonormalTransformation<Scalar,3> ONTransform; // Type for rigid body transformations
typedef Kinect::FrameSource::DepthCorrection::PixelCorrection PixelDepthCorrection; // Type for per-pixel depth correction factors
struct DataItem:public GLObject::DataItem
/* Elements: */
double waterTableTime; // Simulation time stamp of the water table in this OpenGL context
GLsizei shadowBufferSize[2]; // Size of the shadow rendering frame buffer
GLuint shadowFramebufferObject; // Frame buffer object to render shadow maps
GLuint shadowDepthTextureObject; // Depth texture for the shadow rendering frame buffer
/* Constructors and destructors: */
virtual ~DataItem(void);
struct RenderSettings // Structure to hold per-window rendering settings
/* Elements: */
bool fixProjectorView; // Flag whether to allow viewpoint navigation or always render from the projector's point of view
PTransform projectorTransform; // The calibrated projector transformation matrix for fixed-projection rendering
bool projectorTransformValid; // Flag whether the projector transformation is valid
bool hillshade; // Flag whether to use augmented reality hill shading
GLMaterial surfaceMaterial; // Material properties to render the surface in hill shading mode
bool useShadows; // Flag whether to use shadows in augmented reality hill shading
ElevationColorMap* elevationColorMap; // Pointer to an elevation color map
bool useContourLines; // Flag whether to draw elevation contour lines
GLfloat contourLineSpacing; // Spacing between adjacent contour lines in cm
bool renderWaterSurface; // Flag whether to render the water surface as a geometric surface
GLfloat waterOpacity; // Opacity factor for water when rendered as texture
SurfaceRenderer* surfaceRenderer; // Surface rendering object for this window
WaterRenderer* waterRenderer; // A renderer to render the water surface as geometry
/* Constructors and destructors: */
RenderSettings(void); // Creates default rendering settings
RenderSettings(const RenderSettings& source); // Copy constructor
~RenderSettings(void); // Destroys rendering settings
/* Methods: */
void loadProjectorTransform(const char* projectorTransformName); // Loads a projector transformation from the given file
void loadHeightMap(const char* heightMapName); // Loads the selected height map
friend class GlobalWaterTool;
friend class LocalWaterTool;
friend class DEMTool;
/* Elements: */
Kinect::FrameSource* camera; // The Kinect camera device
unsigned int frameSize[2]; // Width and height of the camera's depth frames
PixelDepthCorrection* pixelDepthCorrection; // Buffer of per-pixel depth correction coefficients
Kinect::FrameSource::IntrinsicParameters cameraIps; // Intrinsic parameters of the Kinect camera
FrameFilter* frameFilter; // Processing object to filter raw depth frames from the Kinect camera
bool pauseUpdates; // Pauses updates of the topography
Threads::TripleBuffer<Kinect::FrameBuffer> filteredFrames; // Triple buffer for incoming filtered depth frames
DepthImageRenderer* depthImageRenderer; // Object managing the current filtered depth image
ONTransform boxTransform; // Transformation from camera space to baseplane space (x along long sandbox axis, z up)
Scalar boxSize; // Radius of sphere around sandbox area
Box bbox; // Bounding box around all potential surfaces
WaterTable2* waterTable; // Water flow simulation object
double waterSpeed; // Relative speed of water flow simulation
unsigned int waterMaxSteps; // Maximum number of water simulation steps per frame
GLfloat rainStrength; // Amount of water deposited by rain tools and objects on each water simulation step
HandExtractor* handExtractor; // Object to detect splayed hands above the sand surface to make rain
const AddWaterFunction* addWaterFunction; // Render function registered with the water table
bool addWaterFunctionRegistered; // Flag if the water adding function is currently registered with the water table
std::vector<RenderSettings> renderSettings; // List of per-window rendering settings
Vrui::Lightsource* sun; // An external fixed light source
DEM* activeDem; // The currently active DEM
GLMotif::PopupMenu* mainMenu;
GLMotif::ToggleButton* pauseUpdatesToggle;
GLMotif::PopupWindow* waterControlDialog;
GLMotif::TextFieldSlider* waterSpeedSlider;
GLMotif::TextFieldSlider* waterMaxStepsSlider;
GLMotif::TextField* frameRateTextField;
GLMotif::TextFieldSlider* waterAttenuationSlider;
int controlPipeFd; // File descriptor of an optional named pipe to send control commands to a running AR Sandbox
/* Private methods: */
void rawDepthFrameDispatcher(const Kinect::FrameBuffer& frameBuffer); // Callback receiving raw depth frames from the Kinect camera; forwards them to the frame filter and rain maker objects
void receiveFilteredFrame(const Kinect::FrameBuffer& frameBuffer); // Callback receiving filtered depth frames from the filter object
void toggleDEM(DEM* dem); // Sets or toggles the currently active DEM
void addWater(GLContextData& contextData) const; // Function to render geometry that adds water to the water table
void pauseUpdatesCallback(GLMotif::ToggleButton::ValueChangedCallbackData* cbData);
void showWaterControlDialogCallback(Misc::CallbackData* cbData);
void waterSpeedSliderCallback(GLMotif::TextFieldSlider::ValueChangedCallbackData* cbData);
void waterMaxStepsSliderCallback(GLMotif::TextFieldSlider::ValueChangedCallbackData* cbData);
void waterAttenuationSliderCallback(GLMotif::TextFieldSlider::ValueChangedCallbackData* cbData);
GLMotif::PopupMenu* createMainMenu(void);
GLMotif::PopupWindow* createWaterControlDialog(void);
/* Constructors and destructors: */
Sandbox(int& argc,char**& argv);
virtual ~Sandbox(void);
/* Methods from Vrui::Application: */
virtual void toolDestructionCallback(Vrui::ToolManager::ToolDestructionCallbackData* cbData);
virtual void frame(void);
virtual void display(GLContextData& contextData) const;
virtual void resetNavigation(void);
virtual void eventCallback(EventID eventId,Vrui::InputDevice::ButtonCallbackData* cbData);
/* Methods from GLObject: */
virtual void initContext(GLContextData& contextData) const;
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