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Where the heck am I?

This is a collection of tools that are too cool to just rot on my local drive, but too small for an own git... If you notice any goofy behavior or have some ideas to improve stuff feel free to create an issue or a pull request.

What tools?

/pokemon/picross/ - Solutions for puzzles in Pokemon Picross for 3DS.

/overwatch/hero-counters/ - List of all Overwatch heroes that shows who is effective against other heroes.

/guild-wars-2/wvw/matchups/ - A minimalistic, self-updating list of the WvW matchups and their scores.

/blade-and-soul/daily/ - Checklist for dailies of the last area of Blade and Soul.

/rocketbeans/plauschangriff/ - Plauschangriff is a german podcast by the livestream / internet broadcast company RocketbeansTV. This is a webplayer for it.