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Tutorials for KeenTools core library

This repository contains basic information and tutorials on KeenTools core library.

Tutorials list

Tutorials cover pykeentools, but can be applied to any KeenTools core library API.

  1. pykeentools installation tutorial;
  2. TextureBuilder tutorial;
  3. FaceBuilder basic tutorial;
  4. FaceBuilder head reconstruction tutorial;
  5. precalc tutorial.

Version notice

Those tutorials are for KeenTools core library version 2022.2.0.

KeenTools core library

KeenTools core library is a software library containing methods and classes used by KeenTools products.

KeenTools core library contains:

  • FaceBuilder class — FaceBuilder implementation, used in FaceBuilder for Blender and FaceBuilder for Nuke;
  • GeoTracker class — GeoTracker implementation, used in GeoTracker for Blender and GeoTracker for After Effects;
  • texture_builder module, implementing texture building capabilities for arbitrary geometry (used in Nuke TextureBuilder and texture building function of FaceBuilder for Blender);
  • precalc module, implementing pre-analysis (i.e. .precalc files computation) (used in GeoTracker and FaceTracker);
  • utility classes and methods (e.g. Geo class, KeenTools UpdatesChecker, e.t.c);
  • other classes and methods used in all tools, developed and maintained by KeenTools team.

KeenTools core library supported programming languages

KeenTools core library is written in C++. There are also bindings in Python and C.

There are three API available for KeenTools core library users:

  • Python KeenTools core library bindings (a.k.a. pykeentools);
  • C KeenTools core library bindings (a.k.a. KeenToolsC);
  • C++ KeenTools core library primary interface (a.k.a. KeenToolsCpp).

Python KeenTools core library bindings are available for download from our website: See Licensing section for license information.
KeenToolsC and KeenToolsCpp are not publicly available. Please contact us if you'd like to use them:

KeenTools core library supported platforms

Operating systems and architecture

KeenTools core library supports Windows (x64), Linux (x64) and macOS (x64 and ARM64 a.k.a. Apple Silicon).

Supported Python versions

pykeentools is currently available for Python 3.7, 3.9 and 3.10. Python 2 is not supported. Other Python 3 versions support is possible.

Binary compatibility

KeenTools core library is using VFX Reference Platform. KeenTools core library comply to CY2019 VFX Reference Platform or CY2020 VFX Reference Platform.

pykeentools available on our website comply to CY2020 VFX Reference Platform.


KeenTools core library is a proprietary software (see EULA). Contact us if you'd like to use KeenTools core library in your projects:

All examples and code snippets available in this repository are available under MIT license.


This repository contains basic information and tutorials on KeenTools core library







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