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Vulkan-Virglrenderer experiment helper repo
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Vulkan virgl

This is the main repository for the Vulkan-virglrenderer experiment. It will clone 3 repositories:

  • virglrenderer (vulkan-wip branch)
  • mesa (virgl-vulkan branch)
  • vulkan-compute


Virglrenderer is a lib desinged to bring 3D acceleration to VirtIO-gpu. Initialy, this project was designed with OpenGL in mind. The goal of this experiment is to redesign it to support both Vulkan and OpenGL.

Vulkan compute

A sample vulkan compute application.

Requirements (Using Fedora's package names)

  • gcc
  • git
  • glibc-common
  • glibc-utils
  • kernel
  • bison
  • flex
  • gcc-c++
  • meson
  • python
  • python2
  • expat-devel
  • libXvMC-devel
  • libdrm-devel
  • libva-devel
  • libvdpau-devel
  • llvm-devel
  • python2-mako
  • vulkan-devel
  • zlib-devel
  • elfutils-libelf-devel
  • libXdamage-devel
  • libxshmfence-devel
  • wayland-protocols-devel
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • file
  • libtool
  • make
  • check-devel
  • libepoxy-devel
  • mesa-libgbm-devel
  • cmake
  • glslang-devel

If you want to build it in debug, you will need LunarG Vulkan SDK.

There is also a dockerfile available to build it using a valid Fedora setup


How to use

If you have an Intel GPU, and any issue on your current distro, I recommand using a docker container. One is ready in the fedora-docker folder. I tested it on my machine, with a simple HD-Graphics. Maybe it will work on your machine. Otherwise, you can:


There is also some options available

$ ./ -help
  --url-mesa=   : override the URL for the mesa project
  --url-virgl=  : override the URL for the virglrenderer project
  --url-app=    : override the URL for the vulkan-compute project
  -c        : disable repo cloning step
  -p        : disable repo pull step
  -b        : disable building step, implies -r
  -r        : disable running step
  -f        : remove the build folder first (force)
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