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Keep Asking

Keep Asking is a web system for administering recurring surveys developed by Sebastian Hallum Clarke as an Independent Work project at Princeton University's Department of Computer Science. This project was advised by Professor Jérémie Lumbroso (jlumbroso,

You can experience Keep Asking at or build your own instance from source.

A screenshot of the Keep Asking website.

System Overview

Keep Asking makes it easy to design, manage, and analyse the results of recurring feedback surveys. The workflow of the system is depicted in the flowchart below.

A schematic drawing of the Keep Asking workflow.

Installation Instructions

To build your own instance of Keep Asking:

  1. Download the source code and cd into the keep-asking directory:
git clone
  1. Install Node.js if you do not already have it installed. (You can check if Node is installed by running node --v at your command prompt)
  2. Run npm install to load dependencies.
  3. Set environment variables either in your shell or in a file named .env in the root of the keep-asking directory. You must define the variables MONGODB_URI (a fully-formed MongoDB database URI) and HASH_SECRET (an arbitrary string that will be used to secure links sent in emails).
  4. Run npm start to launch!


A system that makes it easy to create, manage, and analyse the results of recurring surveys.







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