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Remot3d - An Easy Way To Exploiting

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Remot3d - A tool made to generate backdoor to control and exploit a server where the server runs the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) program. Equipped with a backdoor that has been obsfucated, which means that it shoudl generally be FUD (Fully Undectable).

Written in Shell Script Language or commonly known as BASH by a 16-year-old teenager.


  • If this project helped you with penetration testing and you want to support me, you can buy me a coffee :)


List of Remot3d functions

  • Creates a backdoor for Winodws or Linux servers (can run php file)

  • Bypass disable functions with imap_open vulnerability

  • Bypass read file /etc/passwd with cURL or Unique Logic Scripts

  • Lots of other fun stuff :)

Getting Started

  1. git clone
  2. cd Remot3d
  3. sudo && Remot3d

Recommended Linux OSes:

  • Linux mint (Ubuntu Based with Mate DE)
  • Parrot
  • BackTrack
  • Backbox
  • DracOS
  • IbisLinux

Update Remot3d

  • To update remot3d go to your Remot3d folder and execute : git pull && sudo && Remot3d

Special thanks to:

- my god Allah SWT.

- Bayu Fedra (

- Ardhana Reky (

- Novran Fathir (

- Ardhana Resky (

- Hasanal Bulkiah (

- Agus Setya R (

- Edo Maland (

- IndoXploit - ZeroByte.ID - Eldersc0de Family and Much more !

Found a Bug ?

If you found a bug in Remot3d, submit an issue on this repository.

Use disclaimer

Alternations to the source code of this application are considered acceptable, however, any public releases utilizing modified or original code of this application must be with written approval of the owner of this software, Abdi Prawira N.