Remot3d: is a simple tool created for large pentesters as well as just for the pleasure of defacers to exploit a system or server that runs a PHP program language ...
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Remot3d - An Easy Way To Exploiting

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It's easy to create a backdoor in an instant, the backdoor can be used in a remote process via a Linux terminal on the server that runs the PHP Language program.

Made to bypass the system that is disabled on the server, especially for reading sensitive files that are /etc/passwd


  • If this project very help you to penetration testing and u want support me , you can give me a cup of coffee :)



List of Remot3d Functions

  • Create backdoor for windows or linux servers (can run php file)

  • Bypass disable function's with imap_open vulnerability

  • Bypass read file /etc/passwd with cURL or Unique Logic Script's

  • Generating Backdoor and can be remoted on Tools

  • Some other fun stuff :)

Getting Started

  1. git clone
  2. cd Remot3d
  3. chmod +x && ./

Linux operating systems we recommend :

  • Linux mint (Ubuntu Based with Mate DE)
  • Parrot
  • BackTrack
  • Backbox
  • DracOS
  • IbisLinux

Update Remot3d

  • To update remot3d go to your Remot3d folder and execute : git pull && chmod +x && ./


- Thanks to my god Allah

>_ Bayu Fedra

>_ Novran Fathir (a.k.a ZombieRoot)

>_ Ardhana Resky (

>_ Agus Setya R (a.k.a L0c4lh34rtz)

>_ Edo -maland- ( < For always inspiring me !

>_ IndoXploit - ZeroByte.ID - Eldersc0de Family and Much more !

Found a Bug ?

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⭕️ Disclaimer

Note: modifications, changes, or alterations to this sourcecode is acceptable, however,any public releases utilizing this code must be approved by writen this tool ( Abdi Prawira N ).