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Right now this repo serves as a placeholder for self-publishing members of the foundation. Translation: when new content is compiled into HTML, profile information is taken from this repo.

Example: Segah Mir

  "name": "Segah A. Mir",
  "email": "",
  "description": "...",
  "url": "",
  "teams": {
    "caura": {
      "name": "Caura & Co.",
      "email": ...
    "payments": {
      "name": "PaymentsBI Consulting",

Key important details based on current design of the CMS:

  1. emails are used to pull profile images from gavatar. If you want an image for your organization, please setup a gravatar profile for the team email
  2. each post is associated with at least one team
  3. commentary articles (the ones where you are consolidating the research, rather than producing your own 100% original article) only display team image