Simulates an M3i for development and testing purposes.
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Simulates an M3i for development and testing purposes.

Simulator uses a Linux Bash script which requires an HCI BLE device to operate.

If no HCI BLE device is available, we recommend connecting a USB adapter with Linux compatibility.

Recommended USB Adapter: Plugable USB Adapter on Amazon US

This script is very basic, and designed to be a building block for testing and development. If you develop a more advanced script and would like to share it with other developers, please send a pull request and we will be happy to bring it into the repository


Ensure that BlueZ library is installed.

sudo apt-get install bluez

Run script with root permissions. (hciconfig requires root permission on most distros)

sudo ./

Copyright and License

Copyright 2015 Keiser Corporation.

Licensed under the MIT license.