A demonstration of improper use of the C preprocessor
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This small C program demonstrates the danger of improper use of the C preprocessor.

A macro that's intended to be used in an expression context generally needs to be aggressively parenthesized. You should have parentheses around each reference to a macro parameter, and around the entire definition.

The reason is that macro expansion works on sequences of tokens. The C preprocessor doesn't deal with high-level C syntax.

In the example, the macro SIX expands to the token sequence 1 + 5, and the macro NINE expands to 8 + 1. If each of these expressions were evaluated on its own, the results would be 6 and 9, respectively, But when they're combined in the expression SIX * NINE, the expansion is:


which is equivalent to:


or 42.

The program is also a reference to a joke in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams.

-- Keith Thompson Keith.S.Thompson@gmail.com Tue 2011-11-01