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Copyright (C) 2013 Keith Thompson

This is index-tree, written by Keith Thompson,

index-tree is released under GPL version 2 or later. See the header comments in index-tree and the file COPYING.

It's a Perl script that generates index files for a specified directory tree, storing information in a created .index directory. Each index file is a sorted list of all files with the same suffix. For example, all .c files are listed in .index/c.

Invoke with -help to display the following usage message:

    index-tree [options] directory

    Generate index information for the specified directory and all its
    descendents, storing it in a ".index" subdirectory.

     Options may be abbreviated uniquely
     -help          Show this message and exit.
     -man           Show man page
     -skip-rcs      Ignore any RCS directories and their contents
     -skip-cvs      Ignore any CVS directories and their contents
     -skip-svn      Ignore any .svn directories and their contents
     -skip-hg       Ignore any .hg directories and their contents (Mercurial)
     -skip-git      Ignore any .git directories and their contents
                    Ignore all of the above
     -ignore-case   Treat foo.C and foo.c as having the same suffix
     -debugging     Show debugging output


  • The version released Sat 2012-12-29 fixes a serious bug; previously it was failing to find directories.

  • On Thu 2013-01-03, I checked in and pushed a change with in incorrect log message. I've corrected it using git rebase and git push -f. In short, I changed the history slightly. If you've fetched or cloned this repository between Thu 2013-01-03 and Fri 2013-01-04, consider deleting your copy and re-cloning. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • See for possible changes in future versions.