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Copyright (C) 2014 Keith Thompson

show_c_types is released under GPL version 2 or later. See the header comments in show_c_types.c and Makefile and the file COPYING.

This program uses a collection of very ugly macros to determine the characteristics of predefined C types. The results are printed to stdout in something closely resembling JSON format.

JSON doesn't permit a comma on the last element of a list. To make the logic simpler, this program prints final commas. The output can be translated to valid JSON using the included script (which is specialized for this program's output).

It's based on an earlier unreleased program that prints similar information in plain text.

You may need to modify the Makefile to adjust the compiler command as appropriate for your system, or you may need to build and execute the program manually. See the header comment block in the Makefile for details.

To build:

make show_c_types

To build and run:



make output

This should generate a new file with a .json suffix. (Run make clean first if necessary, e.g., if you've edited the Makefile.)

If you run the show_c_types program manually, it will write its results to standard output. The program accepts command-line arguments of the form key=value, and will record those arguments in the "configuration" node (see below).

The contents of the json output are intended to be human-readable and self-explanatory, but they're subject to change in future releases. The output consists of a single array, each element of which is a single object with no nested sub-objects. Each element contains exactly one member with key "node_kind"; the value is currently one of the following:

  • "comment"
  • "configuration"
  • "integer_type"
  • "floating_type"
  • "type"
  • "header"
  • "predefined_macros"

The "configuration" record shows the version number of this program, currently "2014-09-02".

Currently, the *.json files in the results/ directory are from an earlier version of this program. I'll update them Real Soon Now.

If you've run this on a system for which I don't already have results in the results directory, please e-mail the generated *.json file as an attachment to the author.

I'll add more output files as I'm able to gather the information, including manually converting the plain text output from the older version of this program.

dump_float.c dumps selected floating-point values in hexadecimal; this is useful for updating the floating_looks_like() function in show_c_types.c.

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Author: Keith Thompson