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A menu bar utility tracking Github's status using the api

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Github Status

This is a small menu bar application for OS X using the new Github Status API

Download the most recent version here

Change time intervals

Currently there isn't a GUI for changing the time refresh intervals. If you'd like to change them you can update them through terminal by using 2 different commands.

defaults write com.keithsmiley.github-status refreshInterval -int NUM
defaults write com.keithsmiley.github-status downRefreshInterval -int NUM

Replace NUM with the SECONDS you want it to be refreshed by. EX 60 for 1 minute. The refreshInterval is the interval for when github is acting normal. The default is 1800 aka 30 minutes. The downRefreshInterval is the default time for when Github is down or unreachable. The default is 300 aka 5 minutes.

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