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Foundations is the core package of Umbra, sIBL_GUI, sIBL_Reporter. It provides modules defining various utilities classes and definitions used in those packages.


The following dependencies are needed:

To install Foundations from the Python Package Index you can issue this command in a shell:

pip install Foundations

or this alternative command:

easy_install Foundations

Alternatively, if you want to directly install from Github source repository:

git clone git://
cd Foundations
python install

If you want to build the documentation you will also need:


Given the large spectrum of the objects defined in Foundations package, please refer to Foundations - Api for precise usage examples about each modules. Here are listed a few non exhaustive usage examples.

  • foundations.dataStructures.Structure:
>>> person = Structure(firstName="Doe", lastName="John", gender="male")
>>> person.firstName
>>> person.keys()
['gender', 'firstName', 'lastName']
>>> person["gender"]
>>> del(person["gender"])
>>> person["gender"]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<console>", line 1, in <module>
KeyError: 'gender'
>>> person.gender
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<console>", line 1, in <module>
AttributeError: 'Structure' object has no attribute 'gender'
  • foundations.dataStructures.Lookup:
>>> person = Lookup(firstName="Doe", lastName="John", gender="male")
>>> person.getFirstKeyFromValue("Doe")
>>> persons = foundations.foundations.dataStructures.Lookup(John="Doe", Jane="Doe", Luke="Skywalker")
>>> persons.getKeysFromValue("Doe")
['Jane', 'John']
  • foundations.environment.Environment:
>>> environment = Environment(JOHN="DOE", DOE="JOHN")
>>> environment.setValues()
>>> import os
>>> os.environ["JOHN"]
>>> os.environ["DOE"]
  • foundations.strings.getNiceName:
>>> getNiceName("getMeANiceName")
'Get Me A Nice Name'
>>> getNiceName("__getMeANiceName")
'__Get Me A Nice Name'
  • foundations.strings.getSplitextBasename:
>>> getSplitextBasename("/Users/JohnDoe/Documents/Test.txt")
  • foundations.strings.getCommonPathsAncestor:
>>> getCommonPathsAncestor("/Users/JohnDoe/Documents", "/Users/JohnDoe/Documents/Test.txt")
  • foundations.walkers.filesWalker:
>>> for file in filesWalker("./foundations/tests/testsFoundations/resources/standard/level_0"):
...     print(file)
>>> for file in filesWalker("./foundations/tests/testsFoundations/resources/standard/level_0", ("\.sIBLT",)):
...     print(file)


Foundations by Thomas Mansencal – 2008 - 2012
Copyright© 2008 - 2012 – Thomas Mansencal –
This software is released under terms of GNU GPL V3 license:
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