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sIBL_GUI - HDRI Lighting with Smart IBL.

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sIBL_GUI'Stories in Ready'


sIBL_GUI is an open source lighting assistant making the Image Based Lighting process easier and straight forward through the use of sIbl files (.Ibl).
What is sIBL? It’s a short for Smart IBL, a standard describing all informations and files needed to provide a fast and easy Image Based Lighting Setup in the 3d package of your choice.

More detailed informations are available here:


Windows Platform

Installation on Windows is pretty straightforward, just launch sIBL_GUI.exe. In order to support third party images formats through FreeImage you may need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64).

Mac Os X Platform

Open sIBL_GUI.dmg and drag sIBL_GUI into the Application directory.

Linux Platform

sIBL_GUI 4 is currently not built on Linux because of several issues.

The following dependencies are needed:

To install sIBL_GUI from the Python Package Index you can issue this command in a shell:

pip install sIBL_GUI

or this alternative command:

easy install sIBL_GUI

Templates are not included by default and can be downloaded from sIBL_GUI_Templates repository.

If you want to support third party images formats through FreeImage, you will need to recompile FreeImage with the following patch over it:

You can also directly install from Github source repository:

git clone git://
python install

If you want to build the documentation you will also need:


Once installed, you can launch sIBL_GUI using this shell command:



sIBL_GUI by Thomas Mansencal – 2008 - 2014
Copyright © 2008 - 2014 – Thomas Mansencal –
This software is released under terms of GNU GPL V3 license:
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