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shell script, that looks for specified articles
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DESCRIPTION is a script for searching for articles in PDF and storing them.
It uses two search engines, and
to search for articles. ATTENTION! You need program googler to be installed.
For more information follow:

The program has two functions: find articles, browse loaded articles.
Found articles can be stored in existing or non-existing directories
of your home directory.

SYNOPSIS [-f] [NUMBER] keys [-r]


     -f, --find [NUMBER] keys...
            With this option you can search for new papers. After -f keywords
            must be added. You can also choose how many papers will be downloaded 
            by adding a number [1-50] between -f and keywords.
            Every time you call the program with this option, it will ask you,
            where to save new articles. It must be an existing directory
            in your home directory, or a name for a new directory, that will be created.
                     ./ -f nilpotent matrices
                     ./ -f 13 unix shell function

     -r, --read
            Will give you a list of directories, where your articles are stored. 
            After choosing a directory, the list of articles will beshown. After 
            entering a number of article, the document will be opened in your default 
            pdf viewer. Changing of default viewer will be added later.

            If some directories were removed, program identifies changes only after 
            choosing non-existing directory from the directory list. After that the directory 
            will be removed from the list.
     -h, --help
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