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My personal unix config files
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.bash.d Adding .idea to ackrc
.bazaar Many more configs
.emacs.d Org work
.fonts Adding powerline fonts to .fonts and adding bash alias for cask install
.fvwm Some more config files
.lbdb Initial mutt config
.m2 A bunch of emacs and bash settings fixed
.mutt Working on mutt config
.ncmpc Many more configs
.ssh Don't forward agent to blizzard
.tex Adding .tex folder
.vim Removing vundle
.weechat Weechat Nickserv password change
.xmonad Arch changes for work
bin Adding setup for javascript hacking
share Adding tmux registry file
.Xdefaults Windows work
.Xmodmap Many more configs
.Xresources Better support for newer XDM's and URxvt config improved
.ackrc Adding .idea to ackrc
.aprc More irssi and emacs settings
.avnrc AVN Setup
.awesomerc Many more configs
.bash_logout New bash logout
.bash_profile AVN Setup
.bashrc Making sure we don't hardcode home
.caprc Caprc file to make sure pty is set
.conkerorrc Many more configs
.console.xml Updating console.xml settings
.ctags Added scala mode for emacs
.cvsignore Added cvsignore
.cvspass New cvspass and more ignores
.cvsrc Many more configs
.dircolors Working on prompt and tmux setup
.dovecot.sieve New sieve layout
.ecb-tip-of-day.el Added ecb, cedet, nxhtml again
.editorconfig Working on js editing
.emacs-bmk-bmenu-state.el Path and extra bookmark info
.erlang.cookie Added fci mode
.forward Added helm to emacs and .forward Working on cygwin setup
.gitconfig Emacs work
.gitignore Ignore bash sessions
.gitignore_global Lots of changes from my first day of trying out vim at work
.gituser.kelsin Whitespace fixes for .gituser.kelsin
.hgrc Some more config files
.htoprc Adding htoprc
.inputrc Windows work
.irbrc SaveWave logger as well
.jellybeans.terminal New jellybeans settings
.jshintrc A bunch of emacs and bash settings fixed
.mailcap Ldap setup and macosx changes for emacsclient
.mbsyncrc Updating mbsync settings
.mime.types Adding mime types, emacs config and more aliases/functions for work
.minttyrc Working on cygwin setup
.mongorc.js Turn off line numbers in emacs and adding mac gdircolors
.msmtprc Testing for offline imap now too
.muttrc Brew bash complete fixes with some email settings files added
.offlineimaprc Testing for offline imap now too
.plan Added plan file
.rtorrent.rc Added new prompt and edited folders for rtorrent
.rvmrc .rvmrc commiting
.sbclrc No nxhtml and tons of slime config
.screenrc No more bce
.screenrc-local Better status lines
.shrc Added helm to emacs and .forward
.slim.conf Added slim conf
.tmux.status.conf No more unicode in tmux status
.urlview More configs and scripts
.vimperatorrc New command and better handling of slash->www and back
.vimrc Fixing vundle
.viper More configs and scripts
.xmobarrc Updating xmobarrc
.xprofile Arch changes for work
.xscreensaver New config for xscreensaver
.xsession More configs and scripts
.zsh_prompt Zsh back to emacs mode
.zshrc AVN Setup
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