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A SVM that can predict the weather using data from Received third place at the McMaster Engineering Competition 2017 (Programming Division).
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McMaster Engineering Competition (Programming Division) 2017 Weather Prediction Application - Team Kelvin and Friends


NOTE: This project is currently undergoing revisions to improve its performance and reliability. Part of this includes updating the method used to process the data to allow for easier interpretation, and testing the functionality of the checkboxes. Plans are also in place to bring this project to a more presentable state than what was originally built during the day long competition.

This project predicts weather using data from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport collected by NOAA. It was created for the McMaster Engineering Competition (Programming Division) 2017, where it received third place out of approximately 20 participating teams.

Contents of the Repository

  1. The source code for the GUI is located in src/examples.
  2. The source code for the SVM is located in the root under
  3. A Makefile is located in src
  4. The presentation used in the competition is located in the root directory.
  5. A design document is available in the root directory.
  6. All auxiliary files used for the presentation and design document are located in the Documentation_Assets folder.

Using the Program

  1. Under the "Weather" section of the application, select the factors you want to consider in the application.
  2. Under the test section, enter artificial conditions to reflect real world sensor data.
  3. Press submit to generate a prediction.
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