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January 13, 2023 11:36

Simple Countdown Timer for OBS 3

Countdown Pic

Version 3
Major update with many changes

Still simple and user friendly but with many more features than the original
Some of the features/changes are as follows

The dock and output has been changed
Changed the way the time is displayed
The way the settings are accessed have been changed
Settings,colors and changes to text and time are instant (except for the font)
Removed OK buttons and enter now replaces them
Added checkboxes to hide and display output
Added sliders
Added days and hours
Added a message before and after time
Added a preview of the finish text
Added an outline
Added a hide and display to all output
Added an adjustable time for the finish text to be displayed
Added the option to cancel the finish

Please follow the install instructions that are included in the .zip file for the plugin to work correctly and watch the install video
Easy and quick to install
The install instruction haven't changed but I will update the readme and video file in the .zip in the future

Please let me know if there is an issue or bug and if you wish me to add a feature or change anything
Everything works correctly but hopefully I haven't missed anything
Future updates will include gradients with more customization of text and maybe some changes to the font system


A Simple Countdown Stream Timer/Clock for OBS v3 with Dock and Browser Source






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