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Pivotal evaluation

This is code that get data from Pivotal Tracker and write in Google Sprtead Sheet by PHP. Procedure is below.

  1. clone this directory to your local environment
  2. Set up Google Sheet API (1) (1) Set Sheets API Enable (2) Download credentials.json and put in the working directory
  3. install composer by brew install composer
  4. conduct composer require google/apiclient:^2.0 in your working directory.
  5. Go to your pivotal tracker my page and copy API token, and paste in PIVOTAL TOKEN (Picture2).
  6. make new google spread sheet file and add API mail address as editor. Reference
  7. write last last of the spread sheet URL in SPREAD SHEET ID (Picture2)
  8. conduct php pivotal_to_spreadsheet.php


token and spread sheet id