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AES - Front End Development Skill Test

AES is a product company.

We listen to our customers and design updates to improve their lives. You aren't going to get a specification from a client and then build to that spec. Instead we are going to have to work together to figure out how to best help our customers. You will get to use your discression and creativity. Things won't always be well defined.

Please complete this skill test on your own time. Use the technology and tools of your choice. Be prepared for a detailed discussion of your implementation during the interview.

We will not be able to answer questions about the exercise. Use your discretion and creativity to fill in the gaps.

Specific Requirements

  • Use the language/framework/technology of your choice.
  • Use the questions.json dataset in this repo.
  • You aren’t required to build a back-end database for this application.
  • You aren’t require to build a mobile/responsive application.
  • The experience should be targeted at 9th grade students.
  • Students will be able to move between questions before submitting.
  • Upon submission, the quiz will grade the quiz and show the grade to the student.
  • Pull a random selection of 10 questions from the database of questions.
  • Questions should appear in a random order each time the quiz is taken.
  • A few tests would be nice, but comprehensive coverage isn't required.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Clarity of User Experience
  • Simple & Elegant Visual Design
  • Project Organization
  • Code Quality
  • Execution
  • Walk-through
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