Weather application/external program (door) written in javascript for Synchronet BBS
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syncWXremix is a javascript weather application designed to run on a Synchronet Bulletin Board System (BBS). It is based off of syncWX which is the original weather.js file designed by nolageek from Capitol Shrill BBS. Weather data comes from Weather Underground. The icon files are designed in special coding using ASCII 1 character (Control-A) and then a letter to define a color or special property (ie. blinking text) which is similar to ANSI specifications. Reference for Synchronet Ctrl-A can be found here. The icon designs were inspired by a weather app called wego, which was designed by Markus Teich. Markus was contacted, and his contribution/inspiration is mentioned in the (ISC) license in the "icons" folder.


Regular View:
Regular View

With weather alert:
Weather Alert 01 Weather Alert 02 Weather Alert 02

Non-US location (aka, app using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit):
Non-US Locale

Display Option for TTY (Mono) ASCII Only looks like this with an Alert:

Links to more screenshots:
Full Color and Monochrome versions of the ASCII Icon Set

Code Example

The majority of what is happening in this app is based off of one query. Note, it combines four queries into one: conditions, forecast, astronomy, and alerts. It also adds through the "WXlang" variable the possibility for results in over 80 languages.

	var req= new HTTPRequest();
	var current = req.Get("" + wungrndAPIkey + "/conditions/forecast/astronomy/alerts/" + WXlang + "q/" + wungrndQuery);
	var cu = JSON.parse(current);


Check out sysop.txt for full installation instructions.


This project is under ISC License, and so is the artwork in the "icons" folder. Please see the LICENSE file for the project, and the LICENSE file for the icons.

Revision History (change log)

Currently working on...

  • Internationalization (i18n) support.
  • UTF-8/Unicode Symbols to go with i18n, like degrees, maybe the wind direction arrows (not sure on the arrows).

1.04 (2016-02-10)

  • Minor change: Severe Weather Alerts are now a No/Yes prompt instead of Yes/No. This will speed up Logon Events for users that hit the enter key quickly to get to the main menu.
  • Retooled some spacing/positioning for the Non-ANSI TTY Mono ASCII version.

1.03 (2016-01-25)

  • Just some bug fixes...
  • Tweak getQuerySuffix to also check if the web socket proxy is reported as the public IP of the BBS. This now works with the new websocket-telnet-service.js, websocket-rlogin-service.js, and websocket-proxy.js.
  • Fix user.number bug in websocket-helpers.js that was popping up in the Web Socket RLogin section.

1.02 (2016-01-09)

  • Functions for retrieving a WebSocket client's real IP address.
  • Better checking for private/local network users.
  • Add support for checking for dialup users.
  • Clear abort flag before terminating. Stops behavior seen by Nightfox where quitting from a pause prompt won't show any of the items when you are back at external programs menu. (Fixed in sbbs builds starting 2016-01-03, but also grab latest /ssbs/exec/xtrn_sec.js).
  • Add display option for non-ANSI Terminals. The text was originally there, but came out unformatted. Now it looks much prettier.

1.01b (2015-12-31)

  • Lots of updates based on feedback.
  • Stopped supporting option, I don't think anyone was going to use it.
  • All sysop defined variables, like the Wunderground API Key, have been moved to /sbbs/ctrl/modopts.ini.
  • Automatically test for all IPv4 private and non-routable IPs, and allow Sysop to define how to fall back (with BBS IP, US Postal ZIP, or Airport Code).
  • Made weather alerts into Yes/No option.
  • Code added for error handling (thanks Kirkman!). Now errors are handled more gracefully, and useful error messages will Log on the BBS.
  • Big thank you goes out to digital man, echicken, Nightfox, Kirkman, and Mojo. Happy New Year!

1.00 (2015-12-21)

  • First full release, Merry Christmas!