Cuis Foreign Function Interface to the NaCl ('Salt') Cryptographic Library
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Tested with Cuis 4.2 revision 2972; libsodium 1.0.2 on Intel and ARM processors

Cuis interface to NaCl (pronounced "salt") cryptographic library

Ported to Cuis from the Squeak/Pharo code originally by Tony Garnock-Jones


Get and install the NaCl (salt) code

Load the package in Cuis 4.2

	Feature require: 'Crypto-NaCl'.  "Note NaCl has $N and $C capitalized"

Note simple end-to-end usage example: NaclTests>>TestExampleHighLevel

If zero unit tests pass, be sure to place the libsodium library file ( on Linux) in your image directory (probably Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev).

Further documentation available at