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mp: A Music Player

This is a simple command line music player. It will play individual music files (flac, mp3, ogg, oga, and wav), directories that contain music files, and m3u play lists.

Requires Python and 3.6 or better. You will need install the docutils, Gobject, gstreamer, and mutagen packages for python with:

dnf install python3-docutils python3-gobject python3-gstreamer1 gstreamer-plugins-good
pip3 install mutagen

If you want mp3 support, you also need to install the 'ugly' plugins from the RPM Fusion non-free repository:

yum install gstreamer1-plugins-ugly

If you do not want mp3 support, edit music_player/ and remove 'mp3' from media_file_extensions.

To get the source code:

$ git clone git://

Once cloned, you can get the latest updates using:

$ git pull

To install:

$ ./install

Be sure to add ~/.local/bin to your PATH.

To read the MP manual:

$ man mp

To run MP:

$ mp music-files