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Raspberry Pi. A GUI for OMXPlayer
Python Shell
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A GUI interface using jbaiter's pyomxplayer wrapper to control omxplayer


The instructions below are a bit unclear. There is more help at pending me writing a proper installer.

Instructions for installation on the official Debian Wheezy Raspbian image

  • requires the latest bug fixed version of omxplayer which you can get by doing apt-get update then apt-get upgrade

  • install pexpect by following the instructions at

  • pyomxplayer is currently included inline in the code as I have made some modifications to jbaiter's version, his original can be seen at

  • download into a directory

  • type python from a terminal opened in the directory within which is stored.

  • developed on raspbian wheezy with python 2.7



  • ADD - duplicates the Track>Add menu item

  • PLAY - Play the selected track

  • PAUSE - Pause playing, operational only during playing

  • STOP - Stop playing, operational only during playing

  • VOL +- - Volume control, operational only during playing


  • Track - add edit or remove a track from the current playlist

  • Playlist - save the current playlist or open a saved one

  • OMX - display the track information for the last played track (needs to be enabled in options)

  • Options -

    • Audio Output - play sound to hdmi or local output, auto does not send an audio option to omxplayer.

    • Mode - play the Single selected track, Repeat the single track or rotate around the Playlist starting from the selected track.

    • Initial directory for tracks - where Add Track starts looking.

    • Initial directory for playlists - where Open Playlist starts looking

    • Enable subtitles

    • OMX player options - add your own (no validation so be careful)

    • Debug - prints some debug text to the command line

    • Generate Track Information - parses the output of omxplayer, disabled by default as it may cause problems with some tracks.

A track is selected using a single click of the mouse, playing is started by pressing the Play button or the . key

During playing of a track a slightly modified set of omxplayer commands can be used from the keyboard but there must be FOCUS on TBOPlayer. A list of commands is provided in the help menu. Note: some of the commands are not implemented by omxplayer.

If you have problems playing a track try it from the command line with omxplayer -ohdmi file or omxplayer -olocal file

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