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A GUI interface using jbaiter's pyomxplayer wrapper to control omxplayer, with youtube-dl integration and ability to find lyrics


Instructions for installation on the official Raspbian image (should work on Ubuntu too):

You can use the automatic installer, or if that does not work for some reason you can install it manually.

To download and run the installer, from a terminal window, type (or copy-paste):

    cd ~ && wget https://github.com/KenT2/tboplayer/tarball/master -O - | tar xz &&
    cd KenT2-tboplayer-* && chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh

After that, TBOPlayer will have been installed on your system. To run it, just type 'tboplayer', or use the shortcut created in your Desktop.

If you prefer to install it manually, do as follows:

Update omxplayer

Ensure you have the latest version of omxplayer by typing the following in a terminal window:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade -y omxplayer

Install dependencies

Type this into the terminal to install TBOPlayer's dependencies:

    # install pip, gobject, dbus, tk, gtk, requests, avconv, ffmpeg, tkdnd
    sudo apt-get install -y python-pip python-gobject-2 python-dbus python-tk python-gtk2 python-requests libav-tools tkdnd
    # install pexpect, ptyprocess, magic
    yes | pip install --user pexpect ptyprocess python-magic
    # install youtube-dl
    sudo wget https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
    sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
    # or update youtube-dl
    sudo youtube-dl -U

Download and Install TBOPlayer

From a terminal window, type:

    cd ~ && wget https://github.com/KenT2/tboplayer/tarball/master -O - | tar xz

Move the resulting directory to /opt:

    sudo mv KenT2-tboplayer-* /opt/tboplayer

To run TBOPlayer, type in a terminal window:

    python /opt/tboplayer/tboplayer.py

TBOPlayer is developed on Raspbian Wheezy with python 2.7



  • ADD - duplicates the Track>Add menu item

  • ADD DIR - duplicates the Track>Add Dir menu item

  • EDIT - duplicates the Track>Edit menu item

  • OPEN/SAVE/CLEAR LIST - duplicates the Playlist>Open,Save,Clear menu item

  • PLAY/PAUSE - Play the selected track or pause if playing

  • STOP - Stop playing, operational only during playing

  • PREVIOUS - Play previous track, operational only after played some track

  • NEXT - Play next track, up to mode that you set

  • - VOL + - Minus/plus volume control

  • Playlist - Can be clicked over to play a track, and can be used to add tracks by 'drag and dropping' files over

  • Progress bar - Show/Seek position

  • Resize video - At the right side of the video progress bar, allows resizing video


  • Track - add tracks (for selecting multiple tracks, hold ctrl when clicking) or directories, edit or remove tracks (or URLs) from the current playlist

  • Playlist - save the current playlist or open a saved one or load youtube playlist

  • OMX - display the track information for the last played track

  • Options -

    • Audio Output - play sound to hdmi, local, auto or ALSA device.

    • Mode - play the Single selected track, Repeat the single track, rotate around the Playlist starting from the selected track, randomly play a track from the Playlist.

    • Initial directory for tracks - where Add Track starts looking.

    • Initial directory for playlists - where Open Playlist starts looking

    • Enable subtitles

    • OMXPlayer location - path to omxplayer binary

    • OMXplayer options - add your own (no validation so be careful)

    • Download from Youtube - defines whether to download video and audio or audio only from Youtube (other online video services will always be asked for "video and audio")

    • Download actual media URL [when] - defines when to extract the actual media from the given URL, either upon adding the URL or when playing it

    • Youtube media quality - lets you choose among "small", "medium" and "high" qualities (Youtube only feature)

    • youtube-dl location - path to youtube-dl binary

    • Start/End track paused - Pauses the track both in the beginning and in the end of the track

    • Autoplay at start up - If TBOPlayer has just been opened and has some file in the playlist, automatically start playing the first file in the list

    • Forbid windowed mode - if enabled will make videos always show in full screen, disabling the video window mode and video progress bar - may be useful if you're using tboplayer through a remote desktop

    • Find lyrics - if enabled, TBOPlayer will try to fetch lyrics for playing track - defaults to off - more details below

    • Debug - prints some debug text to the command line/log file (requires you to close and restart tboplayer)

If you used the automatic installer, you should be able to open files with double-click, or with the right mouse click menu in your file manager.

A track is selected using a single click of the mouse or up-down arrow key, playing is started by pressing the Play/Pause button, the . key or the Return key.

Removing the selected track can be done by pressing the Delete key.

During playing of a track, a clickable progress bar will appear below the playlist, which lets you seek a position, and if playing a video it's possible to see the progress bar if you move your mouse to the lowest side of the video.

Again during playing of a track, a slightly modified set of omxplayer commands can be used from the keyboard but there must be FOCUS on TBOPlayer. A list of commands is provided in the help menu. Note: some of the commands are not implemented by omxplayer.

While playing videos, you can hit the F11 key for toggling full screen mode. In windowed mode, to move the video window, click and hold the first mouse button over the video area and then move the mouse; and to resize the video, hold left Control, click and hold the first mouse button over the video area and then move the mouse.

For a list of streaming services supported by youtube-dl, see this link: https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html (not all of them were tested with TBOPlayer/OMXplayer).

If the option 'Find lyrics' is enabled, TBOPlayer will look for the metatags 'artist' and 'title' in the media file, and if such tags are not found, it will try to find this info in a pattern in the file name (or in the track title for web links), something along the forms 'Artist Name - Song Title' or 'Artist Name : Song Title', in order to grab the lyrics from LyricWikia webservice.


If you have problems playing a track try it from the command line with omxplayer -o hdmi filename or omxplayer -o local filename to make sure it's not a problem with omxplayer.

If the progress bar, volume bar, or windowed video mode don't work for you, it may be that you have another instance of omxplayer running in the background. In that case, you can try to close that instance, and then play the track again. You can force omxplayer to terminate by typing in a terminal: sudo pkill -9 omxplayer

In Raspbian, youtube-dl should always be up-to-date, but if you use another OS and keep getting a lot of "Content may be copyrighted or the link invalid" when trying to play videos from streaming services supported by youtube-dl, you can try to update youtube-dl by typing in a terminal: sudo youtube-dl -U

If the videos appear displaced by an amount of pixels, you must be having overscan problems. To disable overscan go to Menu>Preferences>Raspberry Pi Configuration and then set Overscan to Disabled.


To uninstall tboplayer, open a terminal window and type:

    /opt/tboplayer/setup.sh uninstall


KenT2 - Original idea and implementation

eysispeisi - GUI enhancements

heniotierra - GUI enhancements, youtube-dl integration, and setup

krugg - GUI enhancements

popiazaza - GUI enhancements