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  • Updated lodash.isundefined to 2.2.x
  • Updated lodash.isstring to 2.2.x
  • Updated lodash.isnull to 2.2.x
  • Updated lodash.isfunction to 2.2.x


  • #6: Added free week call. teemo.freeWeek(platform, callback)
  • Updated Lo-Dash to 2.0.x and switched to using small npm modules instead of the whole library.
  • Updated request to 2.27.x


  • Added resteemo.player.ingame(platform, summoner, callback)
  • Added resteemo.player.teams(platform, summoner, callback)
  • Added, tag, callback)
  • Added, guid, callback)
  • Simplified second success check
  • Updated request to 2.25.x


  • Added resteemo.player.rankedStats(platform, summoner, season, callback)
  • Platform check is now a little faster
  • Updated request to 2.22.x


  • Simplified API docs
  • Added more player requests:
    • teemo.player.runes(platform, summoner, callback)
    • teemo.player.mastery(platform, summoner, callback)
    • teemo.player.leagues(platform, summoner, callback)
    • teemo.player.honor(platform, summoner, callback)


  • Response data is no longer modified (as expected from an API wrapper).
  • #2: resteemo.player.create() is now simply resteemo.player().
  • #4: Use native JSON implementation instead of JSON 3.
  • null is no longer passed as the second argument to callbacks if there's an error.
  • Updated how some callbacks are passed around internally.
  • Reduced internal redundancy by using a playerRequest function.
  • Internal normalizePlatform function is now synchronous.
  • Switched to using .length instead of lodash.size for Strings internally.
  • Added coverage and test folders to .npmignore.
  • Removed node_modules from .npmignore as it is ignored by default.
  • Removed from .npmignore.
  • Added license field to package.json.
  • Renamed author.web field to author.url in package.json.
  • Removed "in Node" from description field in package.json.
  • Removed "rest" keyword from package.json.
  • Simplified repository field in package.json.
  • Updated Lo-Dash to 1.3


  • #1: Support Latin America platforms


  • Add support for full platform names
  • Remove redundant check of the existence of a callback
  • Update request to v2.21.0


  • Added resteemo.player.influencePoints(platform, summoner, callback)


  • Initial release