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Here's a guide on getting nwitch working in a TwitchTV channel.


First, install nwitch globally.

$ npm install -g nwitch

This will add the nwitch command to your path. Now, create a folder for your bot's configuration file to reside in.

$ mkdir nwitch_folder
$ cd nwitch_folder

Then, install nwitch to this folder.

$ npm install nwitch


Being a self-hosted bot, nwitch requires a bit more effort to set up than other bots.


Create a new TwitchTV account for your bot. Preferably, the username should make it clear to your viewers that the account is a bot.

Then, create a configuration file through nwitch:

$ nwitch init

As of September 17, 2013, TwitchTV now requires an OAuth token in order to log into the IRC of a channel. Since nwitch does use IRC for chat moderation, you will need to generate this OAuth token. Use this tool to generate a token. The entire token (including oauth:) should be your account.password in config.toml.


You must run nwitch every time you start streaming, and leave it running in the background throughout your streaming session. From within your nwitch folder, just run the nwitch command.

$ nwitch

There is no reason to keep nwitch running while you're not streaming. As such, you are free to terminate it when you're done streaming.