OS X Bundle to Maximize windowed Apps
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OS X Bundle to Maximize Windowed Apps

Developed By: Kendal C. kendal( at) spikyfishgames.com

Unity only provides Windowed and fullscreen options for delivering MAC apps, and does not provide the default user experience of a fullscreen windowed application like other OSX products.

Xcode source is provided. Feel free to clone and contribute, however this bundle is really only ment to do one thing.

Bin contains a package you can just place in Unity.

See UnityExample for a sample script on how to call external plugins in c#

I use Device[0] as my mac has multible screens, you can change this. You can also provide other numbers to have a custom experience ( ie fill half the screen)

You can also rebuild the xcode project with modified rect size to change the starting (top left of app) location, disable animation, or anything else you want. Or Use this as a starting point for your own plugin.