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Guava Migration Helper SonarQube Plugin

This is a SonarQube plugin that helps developer to find remaining tasks for migration. About the provided rules, see in this project root.


Guava Migration Helper Version SonarQube Version SonarJava Version sonar-findbugs Version
v1.2.0 v7.9.0 v5.13.1.18282 v3.11
v1.0.5 v6.7.4 v5.1.0.13090 v3.5
v1.0.4 v5.6.6 v4.0 v3.5

How to test

This project provides a Dockerfile to launch SonarQube with necessary plugins, please run following commands then you can visit SonarQube at http://localhost:9000/

$ docker build -t sonarqube-with-plugin .
$ docker run -it -p 9000:9000 -p 9092:9092 sonarqube-with-plugin

For test, please do not forget to enable rules in your quality profile.

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