A maven plugin to generate sonarqube rule XML from findbugs.xml
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SonarQube rule.xml generator

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This is a Maven plugin to generate rule.xml which is necessary to create SonarQube plugin.

How to use

Create a multi module Maven project, which has a submodule for SpotBugs plugin and another submodule for SonarQube plugin.

In SonarQube plugin submodule, execute generate goal at generate-resources phase. For instance:


Logic to decide severity

  • If bug pattern's category is STYLE, MALICIOUS_CODE, I18N or EXPERIMENTAL, its severity is INFO
  • Otherwise its severity is MAJOR

Logic to decide tag

  • If bug pattern's category is PERFORMANCE, CORRECTNESS or MULTI-THREADING, it's tagged with bug
  • You can specify comma-separated list of custom tag by <tags> parameter, e.g. <tags>foo,bar</tags>