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A Chatwork Enhancement Toolkit
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Chat++ is an all-in-one Chatwork Enhancement Toolkit.

It is a free Chrome Extension which provides more funny emoticons as well as many other features for Chatwork.

About Firefox Version

  • Chat++ was originally made for Chrome, and could run only on Chrome. However, after receiving many requests about the Firefox version, I decided to port the extension to Firefox.
    It was a hard work! But fortunately, Firefox is currently supporting something called WebExtensions, which make life easier :D
  • Chat++ for Firefox only supports Firefox 48 or above.
  • All the features in Chrome should work in Firefox as well, except for the syncing features.
    It means that your custom data will not be synced, and if you use Chat++ for Firefox in two different computers, you must do config by your self.
  • Chat++ for Firefox is still in BETA. Please notify me if you have any troubles.
  • If you want a stable version, or do not want to use Firefox Nightly, just stick with Chrome Version

Change Logs

View all change logs here


View contribution guidelines here, or check it out at Viblo

Main Features

View feature list (in English and Vietnamese) here

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