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Please see docs/LandTrendr Users Guide.docx for instructions.

Notes on usage:

  • Use LT freely. Make the world a better place. And please give our lab due credit. The canonical citation is:

Kennedy, Robert E., Yang, Zhiqiang, & Cohen, Warren B. (2010). Detecting trends in forest disturbance and recovery using yearly Landsat time series: 1. LandTrendr - Temporal segmentation algorithms. Remote Sensing of Environment, 114, 2897-2910

If it's critical to work you'll submit as a paper, please consider engaging us as a co-author. If you make money from it, you need to develop an agreement with Oregon State University and Boston University.
Contact for more on any of this.

  • It probably will break. Each user finds new ways to do this. We'll try to help as much as we can, but we're not a software company.

  • Improve it! But when you do, please use Git to document your change so others can benefit.
    If you're doing a lot of this, please contact Robert ( so you can become a registered Git user in the lab and make your improvements part of the "sanctioned" main branch.

  • Share! If you do cool stuff, please send us results so we can share with others how it's being used.