Fractal Browser - Java application for viewing and manipulating Mandelbrot and other fractals.
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Fractal Browser

Fractal Browser is a Java application that displays Mandelbrot and other similar plots.



If you are installing from a download, just unzip the files into a directory somewhere convenient. You should have the following files:

  • FractalBrowser.jar
  • FractalBrowser.ico
  • (The shortcut)

Change to that directory and run one of

  • javaw -jar FractalBrowser.jar
  • java -jar FractalBrowser.jar

For Windows there is a shortcut that does essentially this, but you may have to change the full pathname for Java. You can do this by deleting the part before javaw.exe. Windows will fill in the correct full path (if Java is in your path). You may also need to change the "Start in:" directory and set the icon to the one in this directory.

To uninstall, just delete these files.

More Information

More information and FAQ are at as well as more projects from the same author.

Licensed under the MIT license. (See: