Manage Docker containers using Julia
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A Julia interface for the Docker Remote API. It provides basic features to run containers and manage them.

The package is tested against Julia 1.0.1 on Linux.



Getting started

The Docker.jl API resides in the Docker module.

using Docker


Creates a container that can then be started for start_container():



  • host (string): url/port to the Docker. Example:
  • entrypoint (string): An entrypoint
  • cmd (string): Command to be executed
  • image (string): Image name to get
  • tty_stream (bool): Allocate a pseudo-TTY. Default: True
  • AttachStdin (bool): Attach STDIN. Default: False
  • openStdin (bool): Keep STDIN open even if not attached. Default: False
  • attachStdout (bool): Attach to stdout of the exec command if true. Default: True
  • attachStderr (bool): Get STDERR. Default: True
  • memory (int): set memory limit. It accepts integer values that are bytes as a unit
  • CpuSets (string): CPUs in which to allow execution. Example: "0-2", "0,1"
  • volumeDriver (string): The name of a volume driver/plugin.
  • portBindings (list): Provide a list of ports to open inside the containers in format [ContainerPort,HostPort].
  • workingDir (string): Specifies the working directory for commands to run in.

Returns: A dictionary with an image 'Id' key and a 'Warnings' key.

Other functions

  • inspect_container(host,id)
  • start_container(host,id)
  • restart_container(host,id)
  • stop_container(host,id)
  • pause_container(host,id)
  • unpause_container(host,id)
  • kill_container(host,id)
  • remove_container(host,id)
  • processes_container(host,id)
  • list_container(host,id)
  • stats_container(host,id)
  • open_logs_stream(host,id; history=false)
  • cleanse!(host)