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Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. @JeffBezanson
  2. @JeffBezanson

    fix type of c_malloc

    JeffBezanson committed
  3. Remove ugly tee hack

  4. Add file redirection

  5. @StefanKarpinski
  6. @StefanKarpinski

    bang: consistently use ! for mutating functions [#907].

    StefanKarpinski committed
    This deprecates the non-! versions and prints a warning when they
    are used. It doesn't quite close out #907 but comes close. There
    are still a few lingering mutators like del_each that we may want
    to get rid of or rename somehow.
Commits on Jan 8, 2013
  1. Revert "fix sys.ji build segfault regression"

    This reverts commit c3cbd00.
  2. @StefanKarpinski

    Merge pull request #1947 from WestleyArgentum/working

    StefanKarpinski committed
    added is_initialized() and made init() fail smoothly
  3. @WestleyArgentum
  4. @nolta

    fix sys.ji build segfault regression

    nolta committed
    This reverts commits 372f928,
  5. @vtjnash

    fix atlas libdir variable

    vtjnash committed
  6. @ViralBShah

    Merge pull request #1945 from WestleyArgentum/patch-3

    ViralBShah committed
    fixed link to binary downloads
  7. @WestleyArgentum
  8. @vtjnash
  9. @vtjnash

    fix #1942 iostring bug

    vtjnash committed
  10. @StefanKarpinski

    Merge pull request #1902 from WestleyArgentum/master

    StefanKarpinski committed
    RFC: Methods for checking required() and installed() packages
  11. @nolta

    fix typo

    nolta committed
  12. @ViralBShah

    Merge pull request #1935 from aviks/topic/pkglist

    ViralBShah committed
    RFC: Create a listing of all packages
  13. Fix return type

  14. Stream.jl reorganize

  15. Remove leftover process.jl

  16. @nolta

    fix fedora14 build failure:

    nolta committed
    /usr/bin/ld: /julia/usr/lib/libuv.a(thread.o): undefined reference to symbol 'pthread_rwlock_trywrlock@@GLIBC_2.2.5'
  17. @dmbates
  18. @StefanKarpinski

    Merge pull request #1757 from toivoh/extend_@show

    StefanKarpinski committed
    Extend @show: allow multiple args, return value of last
  19. @aviks
  20. @StefanKarpinski
  21. @aviks

    Create a listing of all packages

    aviks committed
  22. @ViralBShah

    Revert "Merge pull request #1913 from diegozea/patch-2"

    ViralBShah committed
    This reverts commit bf64ed8, reversing
    changes made to 0783f40.
  23. @carlobaldassi

    Bandaid for #1908

    carlobaldassi committed
    Using linprog_simplex rahter than mixintprog
    seems to solve the issues with Pkg.update()
  24. @JeffBezanson
  25. @JeffBezanson
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