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Model 3 Vinyl Wrap Template


Please read the license file before using this template. This template is covered under GNU General Public License v3.0 and it is important that you understand the terms under which this template is governed and your responsibility to contribute changes back into the community.


After making changes to the Adobe Illustrator files please also export PDF files. when submitting a pull request please note any changes that have been made and any additional installation instructions required.
If you are unfamiliar with Git you may also send your changes to me directly at and I will commit them on your behalf if approved.


Installation instructions can be found here please contribute additional installation tips to this readme as needed.


It is highly recomended you use an automotive grade vinyl: Popular choices include 3M 1080, Avery 900, Oracal and Vvivid.


If you do not have access to a vinyl plotter to use these templates you may purchase a pre-made kit from one of these contributing sources: Project Creator Kenriko

Carbon Fiber Matte Black Brushed Black Metal