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Build Status

HelpHub is going to be the new portal for all WordPress user documentation that currently resides on the WordPress Codex. This repo is where we will be managing development of this new portal.

Get Involved

You can get involved in development (or any other aspect of the project) by attending our weekly meetings in the #docs channel of the Making WordPress Slack every Monday at 15:00 UTC.

How to use this repo

To use this repo, simply create a new WordPress site on your local machine (using whatever development environment suits you), then empty out the wp-content folder and clone this repo into it.

You can get more information about running the HelpHub code base locally via reading the contributing document


Anyone is welcome to fork the repo and send pull requests, but the project collaborators (listed below) have push access directly to the repo. All pull requests will be reviewed by at least one collaborator with commit access and the PR must pass tests. Collaborators will be responsible for merging their own pull requests once the reviews has been approved. Major feature development will require a review from the project lead, minor ones do not.

We use ZenHub for project management, see for help on using it

Feature development

All features are to be built in individual branches named feature-abc (where abc is a brief descriptor of the feature) and submitted via pull request to the master branch. For best results, features should be separated into their own plugins, but the project lead will evaluate this for each pull request depending on the requirements and scope of the feature.

Bug fixes

Any fixes that do not qualify as new features are to done in individual branches named fix-abc (where abc is a brief descriptor of the fix) and submitted via pull request to the master branch.

Development guidelines

As this is a WordPress community project, all development must have a strong commitment to accessibility and responsive design. We will also be following the WordPress coding standards throughout the project.

Given that we will ultimately need to localise the whole site for different languages, please use wporg-forums as the text domain for all text strings.

A database export is available here -

Design guidelines

See the HelpHub wireframes for a guide on the design and layout of the project and note that all design must be consistent with the rest of

Project collaborators

Project Lead: Jon Ang

The following people are active developers on the project and are all listed as collaborators on this repo:

Name GitHub username Slack username
Jon Ang @kenshino kenshino
Carl Alberto @carl-alberto carlalberto
Marius Jensen @clorith clorith
Jude Rosario @JudeRosario lumberhack
Milana Cap @zzap zzap
Akira Tachibana @atachibana atachibana
Stephen Edgar @ntwb netweb
Mark Uraine @mapk mapk