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T-Rex is an evolutionary neural network. It learns by adjusting the strength of the connection weights by mutation and selection. The programmer must define the problem to solve with a scoring system so that T-Rex can evolve gradually until finding the optimal solution.

Main features:

  • Binary feedforward neural network
  • Configurable number of inputs, hidden layers and outputs
  • Developed using object-oriented programming
  • Fast, robust and portable

Network topology

  • Feedforward neural network: each neuron in one layer has directed connections to the neurons of the subsequent layer
  • Binary neural network: the input and output values can be 0 or 1 and the connection weights can be -1 or 1
  • Configurable number of inputs
  • Configurable number of hidden layers
  • The number of neurons in each hidden layer is set to be the number of input neurons
  • Configurable number of outputs

Installing dependencies

T-Rex uses the GNOME JSON-Glib library to load trained neural networks from json files:

To install JSON-Glib in Ubuntu, open a system console and run this command:

$ sudo apt install libjson-glib-dev

Building the included examples

Edit the file RunExample.c and set the name of the selected example in the SELECTED_EXAMPLE macro.

Run this command to build the binary file:

$ make

Run this command to start the selected example:

$ ./runExample

Building a shared library

Run this command to build a shared library in the current folder:

$ make library=true


Run this command to delete the generated files:

$ make clean


T-Rex evolutionary neural network




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