Implementation of art gallery application for iOs with integration of augmented reality build on Kenticocloud
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Kentico Cloud Art Gallery Application for iOS


Implementation of an art gallery application for iOS written in Swift utilizing Kentico Cloud CMS for content management.

With the ARKit development platform, the application supports Augmented Reality and is able to create a virtual gallery within real environment. Examples of working apps can be seen here.

How to run:

  1. Install XCode (best works with Xcode 9.2).
  2. Clone or download the repository into chosen folder.
  3. Run pod install in terminal in project directory - CocoaPods dependency manager must be installed.
  4. Open ARGallery.workspace workspace in XCode.
  5. Run on a real device since AR capabilities are not supported in the simulator.

If you want to run on a device with iOs 12 or higher using Xcode 9.2 you have to import device support for your particular iOs version.


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