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Bynder image selector for Kentico Cloud
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Bynder image selector for Kentico Cloud

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This repository contains source code of Bynder image selector custom element for Kentico Cloud


If you want to use Bynder image selector in your project in Kentico Cloud, follow these steps:

  • In Kentico Cloud open Content models tab
  • Open / create a content model to which you want to add Bynder selector
  • Add Custom element content element
  • Open configuration of the content element
  • Use following URL as Hosted code URL (HTTPS):
  • Optionally provide the following JSON parameters for the custom element
  "bynderUrl": "<YOUR BYNDER URL>",
  "previewDerivative": "webimage",
  "webDerivative": "webimage"

If you don't provide bynder URL, the selector will prompt for it while logging in.

The derivative parameters can be used to alter which of the defined image derivatives will be used by the selector and output. By default the web image URL is used.


If you want to adjust the implementation, first download Kentico Cloud Custom Elements Devkit. This repository should be positioned within /client/custom-elements folder. For further instructions on devkit implementation, please refer to Custom Element Devkit README.

Get started


  • Node.js
  • git
git clone
cd custom-element-devkit
git clone ./client/custom-elements/cloud-custom-element-sample-bynder
npm install --save jquery@^3.4.1
npm start -- -hw

Browse: https://localhost:3000/custom-elements/cloud-custom-element-sample-bynder/wrap

Live site implementation sample

If you want to see live site example of Bynder images displayed on the live site, browse to a deployed sample site.

See source code of the sample site implementation here.


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