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Community Content Backlog

Do you want the world to hear what you have to say? Would you like to help and inspire others? Are you a fan of open-source? We know you have it in you! Join our community and share your thoughts, challenge old ways of building websites and applications, learn from others and make your ideas real.

How can you contribute?

We at Kentico are more open than open-source so let us first welcome you in our community! When we write some content we know the best comes out of passion. Of course we can not write about bacon all the time. Think about what is the thing you are passionite about, a technology that blew your mind or a piece of code that saved you a lot of hassle. Do you have it? Good! If not, you can take a look at our list of topics and ideas where we summarized our ideas. You will definitely find something that will steal your heart!

With an idea or a thought you are already half-way there! We are happy to support you in finding the best words for a blog post, video tutorial, special live demo or anything else you can think of. Later we will make sure your masterpiece is well promoted and recognize you as our valuable community author.

I feel like I don't have the right skills to contribute

If you feel passionate about something, that passion can encourage others to try new technologies, take new approaches to their problems and make them happy about the solutions. You don't need to be an expert to describe your experience. Besides, we are here to give you a hand should you need it.

Where to start?

  • Think of a topic the community should learn about, pick one from the list of issues or get in touch with us and we'll recommend you one.
  • We will assign the issue to you and you can start creating the content outline
  • Create awesome content.
  • We'll make sure your blog/video/podcast gets appropriate traction and support on our social media
  • Become a recognized thought leader and get some cool swag!

Getting in touch

If you have any questions or you already have a topic in mind, please let us know.


Want to be heard and help others? We know you've got what it takes! Tell us your idea or pick a topic from our list and we'll give you a hand with the rest.




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