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Flickr image picker

The Flickr image picker allows to search images on Flickr and use them in your website.

Flickr image picker


If you want to use the Flickr image picker in your project in Kentico Cloud, follow these steps:

    "apikey": "[YOUR API KEY]"
  • You can add more parameters, see here for all options: The following options are supported: user_id, min_upload_date, max_upload_date, min_taken_date, max_taken_date, sort, privacy_filter, safe_search, content_type, geo_context.
  • NOTE : Use parameter "per_page" for how many images you want to see, by default this are 25. There is no pager added so "page" is absolute

Example output

The element will save a value containing the URL of the image to Kentico cloud like : https://farm{farm-id}{server-id}/{id}_{secret}.jpg

	"photos": { 
		"page": 1, 
		"pages": "1396186", 
		"perpage": 1, 
		"total": "1396186", 
		"photo": [{ 
			"id": "46707213175", 
			"owner": "57712732@N04", 
			"secret": "3d79fd0112", 
			"server": "65535", 
			"farm": 66, "title": "Holland - Moerdijk bridges (2007)", 
			"ispublic": 1, 
			"isfriend": 0, 
			"isfamily": 0 
	}, "stat": "ok" 


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