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Repository hosting various Kentico Cloud javascript packages (delivery, content management, code generator ..)
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Kentico Cloud Javascript

Repository hosting several javascript packages and SDKs related to the awesome Kentico Cloud API ecosystem.

Delivery Javascript SDK

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A client library for retrieving data from Kentico Cloud using Delivery API. Works both in node.js and browsers.

Content Management Javascript SDK

Javascript SDK for the Kentico Cloud Content Management API. Helps you manage content in your Kentico Cloud projects. Work both in node.js and browsers.

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Javascript model generator for Delivery SDK

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A utility for generating strongly-typed models based on Content Types in a Kentico Cloud project.

Developer's guide

This github repository is a monorepo and is managed using lerna. In order to start developing this library, you need to:

  • Clone this repository
  • Install lerna globally using npm i lerna -g
  • Prepare all packages by running npm run prepare script in the main directory. This script bootstraps all dependencies, builds libraries and symlinks local packages if necessary.

Publish checklist

To publish new version of most packages in this repository, use following checklist:

  1. Run npm run new-minor or npm run new-patch or npm run new-major and commit changes
  2. Publish to npm using npm publish script. This script verifies package version, builds library and tests it before publishing.
  3. Run lerna-changelog --from {previousTag} to generate changelog and copy relevant changes to file of appropriate package.
  4. Create new tag in following format package-folder@version such as delivery@5.6.0 or content-management@1.0.5. See git versions for more examples.
  5. Commit & push all changes

Generating changelog details

Repository uses lerna-changelog for generating changelog details. All PRs that should appear in changelog have to be tagged by one of the following labels:

  • breaking (💥 Breaking Change)
  • enhancement (🚀 Enhancement)
  • bug (🐛 Bug Fix)
  • documentation (📝 Documentation)
  • internal (🏠 Internal)

Changelog is generated with lerna-changelog --from {tag} command. By specifying{tag}, you filter only PRs merged since tag was released.

Feedback & Contribution

Contributions are welcomed. If you have an idea of what you would like to implement, let us know and lets discuss details of your PR.


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