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Optimizely audiences selector

Optimizely audiences selector is a selector connected to Optimizely API which allows users to search and select audiences from Optimizely. When the element is disabled, it only displays the selected audiences.

Optimizely audiences selector


If you want to use the Optimizely audiences selector in your project in Kentico Kontent, follow these steps:

  • In Kentico Kontent open Content types tab
  • Open / create a content model to which you want to add the Optimizely audiences selector
  • Add Custom element content element
  • Open configuration of the content element
  • Use following URL as Hosted code URL (HTTPS):
  • Provide the following JSON parameters for the custom element to connect it to your Optimizely project, replace the macros with the actual values from Optimizely admin UI
    "projectId": "<YOUR PROJECT ID>",
    "apiToken": "<YOUR ACCESS TOKEN>"

Example output

The element will save a value containing the array of the selected audiences.

    "id": 14075630105,
    "name": "Caffeine addict"
    "id": 14097300687,
    "name": "Regular drinker"


Optimizely audiences selector source code is in following repository:

If you want to adjust the implementation, first download Kentico Kontent Custom Elements Devkit. Source code of this selector needs be positioned within /client/custom-elements folder. For further instructions on devkit implementation, please refer to Custom Element Devkit README.


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