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The Official Roadmap

Downloadable releases

Next version



  • core new settings autocheckin inside place geometry
  • core new method K.Place.showGeometry()
  • core search place name in Fulltext
  • core rename methods K.Util.geo.bboxContains(), bboxReverse(), bboxPlain(), bboxRound()
  • core rename methods K.Util.geo.locBuffer(), locTransform(), locRound()
  • core simplify method K.Util.geo.bboxContains()
  • core new method L.Util.geo.centroid() support Point, Polygon, MultiPolygon
  • core new method L.Util.geo.pointInLinestring()
  • core K.Util.geo.point() accept [lat,lon]
  • core edit outputof K.Util.timeName()
  • core fix K.Util.sanitize.fileName()
  • core fix K.Util.sanitize.fileExt()
  • core lower param
  • core index 2dsphere geometry field
  • core new method K.Util.valid.point()
  • core fix place click location in places news panel
  • plugin theme new icon-gps
  • plugin admin fix show geometry in minimap
  • plugin geoinfo autoupdate geoinfo field when loc is changed
  • plugin upload rename param 'callback' in 'onUploaded' in template inputFile_upload
  • plugin upload new param 'params' in template inputFile_upload
  • plugin upload new method K.Upload.loadFile()
  • plugin import preview of geojson data on map before upload
  • plugin import K.Import.geojsonToPlace()
  • plugin import new params importname by form
  • plugin import new global method K.Util.sanitize.importName
  • plugin import K.settings.public.import.limit
  • plugin import fix panel data
  • plugin import support geojson LineString centroid
  • plugin edit split template panelPlaceEdit in panelPlaceEdit_edit_map
  • plugin edit new method K.Place.setGeometry()
  • plugin edit panel edit location and place geometry by Leaflet Draw
  • plugin edit restyle panelEdit
  • plugin edit new templates panelPlaceEdit_edit_del, panelPlaceEdit_edit_info
  • plugin categories new template panelPlaceEdit_cats_latest
  • plugin categories fix remove cat button
  • plugin categories all categories panel for non admin users
  • plugin osm import geometry from openstreetmap


  • core support Instagram OAuth signup
  • core-ui fix fullscreen to add in home
  • core create if not exists geometry field on loc update
  • core fix zoom min for cluster disable
  • core hide tooltip on popup open
  • core K.Util.geo.featureColl have properties
  • core new Kepler module to show notifications over the map(extend sAlert lib)
  • core new method K.Util.humanize.url()
  • core settings,
  • new placeholder itemPlaceSearch
  • plugin admin add friend in user admin
  • plugin admin change place owner
  • plugin admin new method normalizePlaces to debug data
  • plugin api default disabled rest by new sets K.settings.api.enableRest
  • plugin api fix queries
  • plugin cats moved typeahead.js in kepler plugin edit
  • plugin edit new Place reactive var placeInstance.getOwner()
  • plugin geoinfo show country and city in place search results
  • plugin stats renamed in K.settings.stats.classify
  • plugin stats rewritten in submodules
  • plugin stats plugin stats testing bbox support


  • new tab in panel place show nearby places
  • replace lib verron:autosize with npm version
  • plugin cats fix K.Util.sanitize.catName
  • plugin cats fica removeCat
  • plugin edit support description place editing
  • plugin edit change place location
  • plugin edit fix owner on remove
  • plugin theme new icon icon-places
  • plugin admin button in place panel
  • plugin admin move urls under /admin
  • plugin convers move autoresize lib in core lib
  • map zoom dblclick
  • new tab tabPlace_ui_nearby


  • fix map markers glich
  • updated leaflet-layerjson
  • remove 3rd party kepler plugins from .meteor/packages


  • renamed all caching settings in cacheTime
  • fix K.Cache.get cacheTime
  • core added default geometry for places
  • core rename methods K.Util.geo.point,feature,featureColl
  • core default value K.Cache.expire
  • lib include Latinize in client side
  • plugin admin show geometry plae in panel admin
  • update npm packages, bcrypt babel
  • plugin api new K.settings.public.api.baseUrl
  • plugin api K.Api.writeOut() used by plugin stats
  • plugin api K.settings.api.jsonp
  • plugin stats depends from plugin api
  • plugin admin move method in server method K.adminsEmai()
  • plugin admin fix search user list result double
  • plugin admin K.Admin.getIpInfo()
  • plugin categories show cat rank
  • plugin categories K.Admin.cleanCatsOrphan()
  • plugin geoinfo use for each methods K.settings.geoinfo.cacheTime


  • upgrade to Meteor 1.8.1 and other libs updates
  • new method K.Util.setPath set sub property of object by path string
  • new method K.Util.json2html transform json or literal object into a nested ul list
  • plugin pois new async method K.Place.loadPoisTracks()
  • plugin Openrouteservice extend K.Pois.poisTracks
  • plugin Openrouteservice K.settings.public.openrouteservice.poisRoutes
  • plugin Openrouteservice K.settings.openrouteservice.caching
  • plugin admin new settings adminsAutoFriendship
  • plugin geoinfo new method K.Geoinfo.getIpInfo
  • plugin admin new method for debug data in database, sanitizePlacesField
  • plugin geoinfo sanitize text values
  • plugin stats new stat findPlacesByField
  • plugins pois tracks, alert not found
  • fix K.Util.sanitize.regExp
  • fix mobile status
  • fix K.Map zoomout geojson reloading


  • new user field loginIp
  • plugin admin new sessions section in user admin panel
  • custom meta and link tags by settings by K.settings.public.router.meta
  • plugin admin create route for each loaded places and users, fix categories tagsinput bug
  • core-ui new helper routeParam, renamed helper ifRoute in routeIs
  • plugin geoingo new method K.Geoapi.reversegeo
  • new helper routeBack to get url of parent route
  • plugin admin close panel
  • increased coverage for jsdoc comments in the code
  • plugin admin new option K.settings.admin.emailOnStartup


  • rename base package from ui to core-ui
  • various fixes


  • rename place file urls in urls
  • plugin edit url field is editable
  • plugin geoinfo fields calculate asyncronous on new place insert
  • fix all removeItem hide marker
  • disable gps when gone offline
  • new method K.Util.valid.bbox()
  • plugin edit button in place popup
  • plugin categories panel admin, search categories by name and type
  • core new blaze helper {{join array}}
  • new template helper join
  • plugin categories use tagsinput
  • plugin categories admin remove categories
  • plugin categories admin create new cat by name
  • plugin categories admin user and place sections


  • movable places
  • plugin photos support creation new place by exif photo
  • plugin photos show news photos in sidebar
  • panelList support grid view
  • plugin photos show my photos in profile panel
  • plugin geoinfo suggest name in panel edit
  • new method K.Profile.setMobile()
  • map gps fix gps user
  • plugin geoinfo in panelEdit Name tips by locality
  • K.Map.addGeojson fix params
  • K.Util.sanitize rename funcs
  • plugin import manage import name, bulk remove
  • open cursor popup on dblclick
  • new method K.Util.geo.transformLoc()
  • plugin geoinfo new method updatePlaceGeoinfo() and reload btn in panelEdit


  • plugin admin new page admin users
  • plugin admin new page manager users
  • plugin admin new template panelUserAdmin
  • plugin admin method support multiple params
  • plugin photos new mwthod storePhoto
  • plugin photos set place photo url without baseurl
  • plugin share fix google link
  • plugin favorites show icon in marker place
  • plugin upload fix upload err text
  • new method K.Util.sanitize.filenameExt()


  • various fixes


  • plugin photos resize uploaded photos by settings
  • plugin photos load place photo
  • open photo clicking image avatar
  • plugin upload method K.Upload.uploadFile accepts custom prams
  • new method K.Util.geo.parseLocString to parse DMS locations
  • plugin import remove button in places list
  • plugin photos use npm imagemagick
  • plugin photos split templates in edit panel and tab place
  • fix place edit categories
  • plugin edit check if plugin admin exists on delete place
  • double click on marker open panel place
  • new method plugin admin updatePlaceAuthor
  • plugin categories, search places by category
  • plugin photos added photo viewr in fullscreen


  • new plugin photos
  • plugin photos manage users avatars in profile settings
  • generalize plugin upload inputFile_upload template
  • new admin method updateUserPassword
  • new admin settings settings.admin.emailOnNewUser
  • plugin photos has two new method resizePhoto, updateAvatar
  • plugin photos new settinngs mimeFileType to check image format
  • plugin import use plugin upload


  • new settings to disable user markers
  • disable placeholders by settings.json
  • fix panelUser template
  • block email send if user created by admin
  • fix profile messages sort
  • new template panelProfile_ui_connect


  • new settings
  • new settings public.router.enterRoute link to enter button

v1.5.0 - Compositional UI by settings

  • new param html separator in pluginsTemplate
  • render defaults ui templates defined by settings
  • new settings to disable each oauth service
  • redirections base paths /users, /places
  • split panel settings templates in more configurable templates
  • convert user lang code in lang name
  • enable/disable cursor, popups and tooltips by settings
  • new templates tabPlace_ui_hist, tabUser_ui_hist, tabUser_ui_friends
  • fix popups opts


  • new settings bboxMaxResults
  • plugin import remove edit dependecies
  • show public conversations in user panel
  • redefine placeholders panelUser, panelPlace, tabUser, tabPlace
  • fix placeholder itemUser

v1.4.8 - Import Bulk Data

  • new plugin Import, support import from geojson file
  • new template placeholder panelAdmin
  • geoinfo plugin new settings autoupdate

v1.4.7 - Modularity and Extensibility is ready

  • published all plugins in
  • remove workarounnd globsync from all plugins
  • fix all addAssets and addFiles in plugins
  • simplified version management in plugins
  • simplify K.Plugin config for define new custom template placeholders
  • fix api plugin routes
  • fix robots plugin avatars

v1.4.0 - Categories and Custom Placeholders

  • new plugin categories work
  • new option settings.public.accounts.creation to disable all signup ways
  • use accounts-ui-unstyled instead ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3
  • verify existence in plugin templates definition
  • support custom style for each geojson features in K.Map.addGeojson()
  • move features from plugin tracks to geoinfo under new method K.Geoinfo.getTrackInfo()
  • K.Map.addGeojson new option clear
  • remove placeholder popupGeojson
  • added K.Place attribute classMarker
  • new option placehodelrs in K.Plugin definition
  • plugin categories support edits

v1.3.7 - Support Meteor 1.7 and Leaflet 1.3

  • Meteor compatibility
  • update @babel/runtime 7.0.0-beta.55
  • added support to Github OAuth
  • update Leaflet 1.3.0
  • tooltip marker over marker
  • plugin stats simplify rest api
  • create new plugin Openrouteservice

v1.3.0 - Compositional User Interface

  • changes K.templates definition format
  • support templates plugin custom ordering
  • override templates config by settings.json
  • rewrite Place icon building using Meteor templates
  • defined new templates placeholders: markerPlace, markerUser, markerCursor
  • show conversations count in markers


  • plugins renamed dirs in plain name
  • remove semver in deps plugins
  • rename plugins: notifs,convers


  • renamed plugin Conver in Convers
  • K.Cache support auto expiration cache


  • verification new user account by email link


  • refactoring convers plugin


  • support Meteor 1.5.1


  • support Meteor 1.4.0


  • optimize plugins pois and tracks for overpass api
  • show created places in user panel
  • show favorites place of users in panel
  • updates i18n for fr
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