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Complete list of releases here

Next version



  • new settings to disable user markers
  • disable placeholders by settings.json
  • fix panelUser template
  • block email send if user created by admin
  • fix profile messages sort
  • new template panelProfile_ui_connect


  • new settings
  • new settings public.router.enterRoute link to enter button

v1.5.0 - Compositional UI by settings

  • new param html separator in pluginsTemplate
  • render defaults ui templates defined by settings
  • new settings to disable each oauth service
  • redirections base paths /users, /places
  • split panel settings templates in more configurable templates
  • convert user lang code in lang name
  • enable/disable cursor, popups and tooltips by settings
  • new templates tabPlace_ui_hist, tabUser_ui_hist, tabUser_ui_friends
  • fix popups opts


  • new settings bboxMaxResults
  • plugin import remove edit dependecies
  • show public conversations in user panel
  • redefine placeholders panelUser, panelPlace, tabUser, tabPlace
  • fix placeholder itemUser

v1.4.8 - Import Bulk Data

  • new plugin Import, support import from geojson file
  • new template placeholder panelAdmin
  • geoinfo plugin new settings autoupdate

v1.4.7 - Modularity and Extensibility is ready

  • published all plugins in
  • remove workarounnd globsync from all plugins
  • fix all addAssets and addFiles in plugins
  • simplified version management in plugins
  • simplify K.Plugin config for define new custom template placeholders
  • fix api plugin routes
  • fix robots plugin avatars

v1.4.0 - Categories and Custom Placeholders

  • new plugin categories work
  • new option settings.public.accounts.creation to disable all signup ways
  • use accounts-ui-unstyled instead ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3
  • verify existence in plugin templates definition
  • support custom style for each geojson features in K.Map.addGeojson()
  • move features from plugin tracks to geoinfo under new method K.Geoinfo.getTrackInfo()
  • K.Map.addGeojson new option clear
  • remove placeholder popupGeojson
  • added K.Place attribute classMarker
  • new option placehodelrs in K.Plugin definition
  • plugin categories support edits

v1.3.7 - Support Meteor 1.7 and Leaflet 1.3

  • Meteor compatibility
  • update @babel/runtime 7.0.0-beta.55
  • added support to Github OAuth
  • update Leaflet 1.3.0
  • tooltip marker over marker
  • plugin stats simplify rest api
  • create new plugin Openrouteservice

v1.3.0 - Compositional User Interface

  • changes K.templates definition format
  • support templates plugin custom ordering
  • override templates config by settings.json
  • rewrite Place icon building using Meteor templates
  • defined new templates placeholders: markerPlace, markerUser, markerCursor
  • show conversations count in markers


  • plugins renamed dirs in plain name
  • remove semver in deps plugins
  • rename plugins: notifs,convers


  • renamed plugin Conver in Convers
  • K.Cache support auto expiration cache


  • verification new user account by email link


  • refactoring convers plugin


  • support Meteor 1.5.1


  • support Meteor 1.4.0


  • optimize plugins pois and tracks for overpass api
  • show created places in user panel
  • show favorites place of users in panel
  • updates i18n for fr