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Being KeplerJs a framework built above MeteorJs the system requirements are the same, so please refer to the documentation relating to meteorjs, in addition the steps to follow for a correct empty installation are the following


  • CPU ÷3GHz, >2 cores, >5K bogomips
  • RAM >2GB(required ÷800MB of free RAM for build process).
  • Disk Usage kepler installed + libraries min ÷400MB, empty database with minimal collections min ÷500MB


  • database MongoDB(versions 3.x)
  • NodeJs (versions 6.x/8.x/10.x)
  • MeteorJs(latest version)

Scripts and Configurations

The directory /private contains usefull scripts and configurations for development/production environments:

Development environment

Development of plugins

Production environment

  • create meteor bundle, a standard NodeJs application of a kepler instance
  • run production kepler instance at startup in linux systems
  • nginx.sample.conf sample configuration for use nginx as web server proxy

Cloud deployments

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