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The main plugins developed within the KeplerJs open source project are maintened within the same code repository in the path kepler/packages and distributed via Atmospherejs within the namespace keplerjs. 3rd party and experimental plugins could be maintened in separate repositories on Github and Add a plugin to your Kepler project, for example: meteor add keplerjs:edit.

Main Plugins

these are extremely useful for the basic operation and maintenance of the platform

  • edit add, edit and remove place's data by users
  • admin administration of platform
  • theme base theme for user interface


these implement non-essential functions or are necessary for the operation of other plugins

  • stats statistical data analysis
  • upload general file upload and storage
  • geoinfo retrieve geographic informations from various datasources
  • osm support Openstreetmap and Overpass API


these implement additional features that can be activated or deactivated

  • convers public conversations and messages
  • favorites user favorites and place voting
  • notifs notifications manager
  • pois search Points Of Interest around a place
  • share sharing a place in social media channels
  • tracks manage gps tracks and paths around a place
  • categories places and users categorization
  • events public events in place

3rd party Plugins

We expect them to be developed by the great community of NodeJs/Meteor developers.

Experimental Plugins

Unstable plugins not to be used in production environment but useful for KeplerJs developers and mad scientists.

  • robots create robots users to test multi user interactions on the platform