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Define the base structure their properties, field's type and default values, for define documents in the database and new Models instances of Kepler objects. All core schemas is defined in a simple JSON file schemas.js, in the future it would be used JSON Schema as a standard definition of these structures and validation. Usually in some Kepler plugins these can be extended adding fields, through the schemas option inside the plugin.js.


     place: {
     	name: '',	       //place title
     	createdAt: '',	   //new Date() of place insert
     	userId: '',	   	   //user to created it
     	active:0,	       //visible in map
     	indoor:0,		   //is an indoor place
     	loc: [],		   //coordinates lat,lng
     	checkins: [],	   //users inside place	
     	hist: [],		   //recents checkins
     	desc: '',		   //long description
     	warn: '',          //description of alerts and dangers
     	urls: [],	   	   //websites url of place
     	emails: [],		   //contanct emails for place
     	source: {},		   //describe source of data
  • K.schemas.user:

     user: {
     	name: '',		   //display name	
     	username: '',	   //username used in urls
     	createdAt: '',	   //new Date() of user insert
     	emails: [], 		//alla emails of user
     	profile: {},		//user data
     	avatar: '',		    //user photo
     	mood: '',		    //status mood message, shown in profile
     	loginAt: '',	    //last date of login
     	status: '',         //visibility online of user(online,offline,await)
     	statusDefault: '',  
     	gender: '',        //gender of user male,female,others
     	city: '',          //city to live
     	lang: 'it',        //language
     	loc: null,		   //current gps position
     	loclast: null,	   //lat gps position
     	checkin: null,	   //id Place where I am
     	mob:0,			   //if my device is mobile
     	friends: [],	   //ids users friends
     	usersPending: [],  //ids users that I send request
     	usersReceive: [],  //ids users that I receive request
     	usersBlocked: [],  //ids users that I blocked
     	hist: [],		   //last places visited
     	source: {},		   //source of registration by single signon		
     	settings: {        //user settings for platform
     		map: {
     			layer: null,
     			center: null  //last center of map
  • custom schemas defined by plugin convers:

     schemas: {
     	place: {
     		convers: []        //id conversations in a place
     	user: {
     		convers: []        //id conversations to user publics and direct private messages
     	conver: {              //definion of customo schema for a conversation 
     		createdAt: null,   //date of creation
     		title: '',         //Topic for the place wall or subject for the private convers
     		targetId: '',      //if null is a private users convers		
     		targetType: '',    //type of related Kepler object: user, place, event, pois		
     		userId: '',        //author/sender of conversation		
     		usersIds: [],      //users participants
     		lastMsg: null      //replicate content of last message in the conversation
     	converMsg: {           //define single message into a conversation
     		updatedAt: '',     //last modified date
     		convId: '',        //parent conversation id
     		userId: '',        //author user id 
     		body: ''           //text content
  • custom schemas defined by plugin geoinfo:

     schemas: {
     	place: {
     		geoinfo: {
     			loc: [],	//location reference
     			ele: 0,	    //elevation from the sea level
     			esp: 0,     //aspect of the terrain model
     			prov: '',	//province
     			near: '',	//locality
     			com: '',	//municipality
     			reg: '',	//district
     			naz: '',	//country
  • custom schemas defined by plugin edit:

     schemas: {
     	place: {
     		userId: null   //user creator of place
     	user: {
     		places: []	   //places created by user