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Kerbin Size Real Solar System
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Kerbin Size Real Solar System

License : CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International

The file KSRSS/Textures/ is licensed MIT by Avera9eJoe and come from his mod, Spectra. All credit goes to him.

The *.cfg come from the RealSolarSystem mod and were modified by the KerbalFrench team.

All the files in KSRSS/KSRSSKopernicus/Comets come from the RSS Expansion mod, originally by pozine.

Need :

Kopernicus :

Kopernicus Expansion (for footprints and comet tails) :

Install :

Installez Kopernicus : /!\ Installez la version de Kopernicus correspondant à celle de votre jeu /!\

Installez KSRSS-Textures :

Installez KSRSS :

Installez CTTP :

Installez KEX-EVAFootprints (optionnel) :

Installez KEX-CometTail (optionnel) :

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