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ArTICL (Arduino TI Calculator Linking Library)

TI Link Protocol library for the Arduino development platform

For more information and for questions, please refer to this forum post on Cemetech. An introductory video contains a demo of the ControlLED example, and a how-to video created by @geekboy1011 and @KermMartian shows you how to set up ArTICL with your calculator.

Using the Library

If you want to be able to simply send() and get() packets to and from a calculator or other TI link protocol-speaking device, create a TICL object and use it. For higher-level management that can be used with the calculator's Send( and Get( commands, make a CBL2 object instead. See the ControlLED example for a demonstration of using the CBL2 class.

Introductory video:

How-to video:


ArTICL works with the Arduino Duemilanove and newer Arduino boards, as well as TI's MSP432 Launchpad.

Arduino Hardware

To communicate with a calculator, cut open a 2.5mm calculator link cable, and connect its three wires to the Arduino. The defaults are digital pin 2 = tip (red wire), digital pin 3 = ring (white wire), gnd = base (copper wire). For the screenshot example, short digital pin 4 to gnd to take a screenshot.

MSP432 Launchpad Hardware

The Launchpad has weak pullup resistors, so additional connections are necessary. Cut open a 2.5mm calculator link cable, and connect its three wires to the Launchpad. The defaults are pin P5.7 = tip (red wire), P5.6 = ring (white wire), gnd = base (copper wire). In addition, connect a 1Kohm resistor from P5.6 to +3.3V, and from P5.7 to +3.3V.

MSP432 Launchpad to calculator connections

Verbose Output

You can make the TICL class dump details of every packet successfully received and every packet that is attempted to be sent. Add the following code to your setup() function, assuming ticl is a TICL object or CBL2 object.

  ticl.setVerbosity(true, &Serial);


TI Link Protocol library for the Arduino and MSP432 Launchpad development platforms




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